Rakyat Sarawak : Undi Pakatan Rakyat

Rakyat Sarawak : Undi Pakatan Rakyat

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ulasan Bajet 2009

A.Apa kata Ketua Pembangkang, DS Anwar Ibrahim tentang Bajet 2009 yang telah dibentangkan oleh Pak Lahhhhhhhhhhh?
Sungguh mendukacita...

B.Apa kata Ceupacs berkenaan Bajet 2009?

Bajet 2009 :Begitu mengecewakan......

[nst]KUALA LUMPUR: Civil servants feel let down by the newly unveiled budget,
They felt that the bonus of one month's salary announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday fell short of what the public sector expected.

Cuepacs deputy president Husain Mohd Yasin said civil servants were expecting to receive a bonus of 1 1/2 months' salary.

He added that Cuepacs was disappointed because there was no increase in the cost of living allowance (Cola) or the housing allowance for civil servants.

Husain also said the annual free return airfares between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak only benefited those who were from the two states.
Workers in Peninsular Malaysia, he said, should also be given the same privilege, as they too had homes they wanted to go back to.

On the the extension of housing loans to 30 years, he said the pressing issue was not how long the loan was for, but what kind of interest rates were charged.

"All it means is that we will be paying the same interest rates for a longer period, which doesn't mean all that much to us.

"We hoped for a reduction of at least one per cent on the four per cent interest we are paying now," he added.

Husain said on the whole, the 2009 budget was "a disappointing one".

C.Apa kata Golongan Orang Kurang Upaya?

Bajet 2009: RM150 Alaun Untuk Golongan OKU 'TIDAK MENCUKUPI'

[nst]KUALA LUMPUR: The disabled have described Budget 2009 as "insulting" and "terrible".
They said the RM150 monthly allowance for those unable to work is a pittance.

Malaysian Animal-Assisted The-rapy for the Disabled and Elderly president Anthony Thanasayan said they had expected at least RM500 for all disabled people, irrespective of whether they were working.

"The amount is so little, you might as well not give it. Those bedridden and in wheelchairs require a lot of money for medical fees.

"A set of five bandages for pressure sores costs RM80 and it only lasts three days. How far will RM150 go?" Anthony asked.
Independent Living and Training Centre president Francis Siva said it was disheartening that the budget failed to address mobility issues.

He stressed that disabled people were not lazy and wanted to be independent but they were restricted by the lack of disabled-friendly infrastructure in the country.

"How will we earn a decent living and be independent if a chunk of our salary goes towards transport?"

Anthony and Francis, however, agreed that the government's multi-pronged approach to combat poverty was a good start.

Associate Professor Dr Sulochana Nair, who is also director for the Centre of Poverty and Development Studies, Universiti Malaya, said there must be a "means-tested methodology" of reaching out to the target groups.

"We must be able to trace the aid to ensure that it reaches the right people."

For Centre for Orang Asli Concerns coordinator Colin Nicholas, the issue is "leakage" during the disbursement process.

He said the allocated sum had in the past gone into improving infrastructure and administration and not enhancing the quality of life.

The government has allocated RM160 million in assistance to Orang Asli under Budget 2009.

For pensioner Wong King Voon, 61, the RM70 increase in his pension to RM720 is too small.

"What can you do with an extra RM70? And despite the exemption for electricity bills payments of RM20 or less, I would still have to pay my electricity bill of about RM100 a month."

D.Apa kata Pengusaha Bas?

Bajet 2009: Penurunan Cukai Jalan 'KECIL SANGAT'

KUALA LUMPUR: The government may have reduced the road tax fees for buses and taxis to just RM20, but operators are still unhappy.
Konsortium Transnasional Bhd (KTB) executive director Tengku Hasmadi Tengku Hashim said the reduction was "just a drop in the ocean" and does not really help bus operators.

"The impact is very small, it's peanuts. Every month, KTB spends RM3 million on diesel alone. This is apart from the subsidised diesel. So, a RM280 reduction does not help us."

Road tax for express buses cost RM300 previously.

Tengku Hasmadi said the government should instead look into the diesel quota subsidies which would be more beneficial than a reduction in road tax.
Taxi Operators Association chairman Datuk Aslah Abdullah said instead of reducing the road tax, the government should have just scrapped it.

"Why do we still have to pay road tax when the government has increased the price of petrol and diesel? They should just abolish road tax."

Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association president Datuk Mohamad Ashfar Ali also touched on the road tax standardisation.

"The government needs to clarify this. Will the stage buses have to pay more now?"

Stage buses were previously charged RM2 for road tax.

However, all the key players in the public transport industry welcomed the proposed Public Land Transportation Commission, describing it as timely.

"The public has suffered for a long time. It's about time we have a proper commission to improve the public transport service," said Aslah.

He said there should be no further delay in implementing the commission.

"The government now realises that putting everything under the current 13 agencies does not work," said Ashfar.

On the RM3 billion soft loan, Ashfar hoped that Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Bhd would be lenient and would not impose stringent restrictions on bus operators.

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd intercity services general manager Sarbini Tijan welcomed the move to provide efficient public transportation services which he said would benefit the low-income group.

Rangkaian Pengangkutan Intergrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (RapidKL) -ini syarikat anak beranak memang sokonglah si Lah tu.. - executive director Suffian Baharuddin appreciated the measures taken to develop new public transport infrastructure.

The Federation Of Malaysian Consumers Association chief executive officer Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman lauded the government's focus in Klang Valley and Penang where traffic congestion was at a peak.

Apa Kata Anda?