Rakyat Sarawak : Undi Pakatan Rakyat

Rakyat Sarawak : Undi Pakatan Rakyat

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lintas Langsung Dari Parlimen 13 Oct 2008

Lintas lansung dari parlimen (13 Oct 2008)

4.56: Parliament session should be ending anytime soon. (I think a normal parliament session ends at 5pm)

4.52: Parliament session is ending soon.

4.50: Speaker request that Indera Makota MP sits down after a very very long confusing question.

4.47: Indera Makota PKR MP is on a very very long question that has me confused.

4.41: He says that we cannot compromise the education of our future generation. If we do that we cannot catch up with nations like Singapore etc.

4.40: Anwar attacks the education system in Malaysia. He criticises it, saying that the smart, talented students are ignored, and are forced to go overseas. The cronies and corrupted are the ones that get a place in the university.

4:38: Anwar proposes an anti monopoly law.

4.34: The speaker asks: Anwar, how long are you going to go on? You have spoken for 3.5 hours already! Anwar responds: I understand that the leader of opposition is given leeway to debate this issue? The speaker allows Anwar to continue. (The speaker is not presiding but the deputy speaker. I think its Ronald Kiandee)

4.32: Anwar responds: Yes, I did say those things. But UMNO and BN at that time was truly a champion of the people. Now it has changed. He then extends an invitation to Bung Mokhtar to quit BN and UMNO and join pakatan.

4.31: Kinabatangan says: Anwar once said that UMNO and BN has to be defended as long as the star and the moons are still there. The moon and the stars are still there! Why is Anwar not supporting UMNO and BN?

4.30: Kinabatangan talks. Uh oh

4.29: Anwar concurs.

4.26: Kubang Kerian PAS MP stands up supporting Anwar, saying that our students are not raised as the leaders of tomorrow. They are raised as students that have little intellectual capabilites. The government, instead of educating these students, focus on making them into supporters of the government!

4.24: Anwar's message on change reminds me of Barrack Obama's. He says that Malaysians should not be scared of change.

4.21: Anwar emphasises on education. He takes the example of Taiwan and Singapore, where they were able to pull a large amount of human resources into their countries.

4.19: Anwar offers a very conciliatory and magnanimous answer. He says that he does not blame those who smear him.

4.17: Azmin quotes Bung Mokhtar saying that he called Anwar Malaysia's economic traitor. He asks Bung Mokhtar to respond.

4.14: Azmin stands up.

4.13: Anwar appeals to MCA MIC and other component parties to stand up when the other races are wronged.

4.12: Anwar jokes with the speaker. Saying that he has known him for very well. Dewan laughs. Looks like Anwar is trying to hold on to his speech till tomorrow.

4.09: Anwar addresses falling Malaysian university rankings.

4.08: Anwar once again says what is he going to debate now? He can only debate general things! He cannot go to the specific policies, because the numbers in budget 2009 are all outdated and incorrect!

4.05: Anwar quotes statistics showing the among all the nations affected by the Asian Financial Crisiss, Malaysia fared the worst.

4.03pm: Anwar attacks the IMF conditions on subsidies.

4pm: Anwar, in response to a question, says that he has always supported liberalisation.

3.58: Anwar repeats that 20% oil royalties should be given to Terengganu Sabah and Sarawak

3.56: From my vantage point, I would say that Anwar did a supremely excellent job in handling that question! Taking the middle ground between Hayek and Keynes!

3.55: Anwar proposes the price structure system by Hayek (capitalist), with ammendmends from Keynesian economics (socialism).

3.53: Anwar responds: We should take a middle approach. We shouldn't practise extreme capitalist or socialism.

3.53: The speaker asks MPs that are posing questions to not make speeches, just ask the question and sit down.

3,51: Batu Kawan asks whether Malaysia is a capitalist or a socialist? No one seems to know an answer! Everyone blames the capitalism system!

3.49: Batu Kawan MP stands up for a question.

3.47: Anwar asks UMNO not to use the name bumiputra to enrich themselves.

3.45: His question to Anwar is: What is going to happen to this country when the generals have left it?

3.44: What is going to happen to this country when the generals are on the run? Padang Serai MP asks.

3.42: Padang Serai PKR MP says the backbenchers are like soldiers that have been desserted by their general. Where is your general?

3.40: Anwar says that this is one of the many problems that we have to address. In terms of competitiveness, Malaysia is only ranked the 71st.

3.38: Kuala Selangor PAS MP stands up. He quotes the following: South East Asian nations have the most foreign investment in the world. But Malaysia is the only country that had an outflow of funds.

3.36: Anwar says that duting the 80s, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and South Korea were all on the same footing. Now where are we?

3.34: Batu Pahat asks: if oil prices go down a bit you have to change the whole budget? Anwar shoots back: Batu Pahat has no idea how the economy works. If oil prices change then of course you have to change your budget! This is called a supplementary budget!

3.32: Anwar resumes his speech

3.30: Shah Alam: Tak setuju, tah setuju. Tapi bila kena undi, semua setuju!

3.28: Shah Alam stands up to defend Anwar. He says if the backbenchers opposed it, why did they vote for it? (Maybank)

3.27: Batu Pahat continues and says that the Backbenchers have always opposed such moves. He repeats his question: why did Anwar not do something when he was in power?

3.26: Batu Pahat stands up for a question. He asks why Anwar did not correct those wrong when he was in power?

3.24: He explains that he never proposed to bailout MSC. It looks like this is a session to clarify all the allegations against Anwar.

3.23: Anwar says that it was a smear from Dr Mahathir. He says Mahathir 'tidak steady'.

3.22: Kit Siang stands up and requests Anwar to explain his alleged plan to bailout the MSC.

3.21: Anwar quotes the theories of Hayek. Weird. I have always appealed for Anwar to emulate Hayek.

3.20: Anwar says that what he advocated was cutting back on the megaprojects. For example, the bridge from Indonesia to Melaka.

3.18: He says that the Dewan Rakyat has been cheated. Anwar did not ask the IMF for a loan. This is the truth.

3.17: Anwar says the fact is, the BN government TOOK AN IMF LOAN AFTER ANWAR WENT TO JAIL. It is not Anwar that took an IMF loan, but the BN government that took it.

3.15: Anwar clarifies that he did not request Malaysia to take a IMF loan. He said that he was calling for the IMF to take initiates so that the debts of hardcore poor nations would be forgiven. This was incorrectly interpreted as him taking a IMF loan.

3.14: Anwar says that it is corruption and nepotism that caused the 1997 financial crisis. A potshot is taken at BN MPs. He asks the ones that repeated such allegations to stand up. No one did. He calls them cowards.

3.11: Gombak MP Azmin asks Anwar to clarify his position in 1997. He asks whether it is true that Anwar wanted to bow to IMF and World Bank pressures?

3.09: Anwar uses the Titanic analogy (again). He says, when the ship sinks (economy fails), the upper class survives while the lower and working classes, the people of Malaysia are the ones that suffer.

3.06: Anwar continues debate. He quotes figures from Maybank's investments. Maybank has sustained such losses this year compared to other banks. It is the people of Malaysia that will rugi he says.

3.04: Anwar says Najib is irresponsible. If he was in the parliament compound why does he not dare, as Finance Minister, to attend the parliament session during a budget debate and a financial crisis?


3.02: Anwar continues pressuing the speaker to allow the session to be suspended.

3.01: Anwar ordered to continue. He refuses, talks about the uselessness of discussing outdated figures.

3:00: Azmin continues: Tak de cita cita? Oklah, tak de cita cita.

2.59: Azmin takes potshot at Syed Hamid. "Dia bukan Menteri Kewangan, walaupun ada cita cita", Syed Hamid stands up and objects. Dewan laughs.

2.58: MPs are all standing.

2.57: Bukit Mentarjam MP Chong Eng says that why don't all MPs that support the suspension of this session stand up. More than half of the dewan stands up.

2.56: Speaker shoots down. He says he has the right to control debate in the parliament.

2.55: Batu MP Tian Chua stands up and quotes standing orders repeating the MPs HAVE THE RIGHT to file such a motion. The speaker has no right to deny it.

2.55: Anwar continues saying that in this 1.5 months the figures have changed VERY drastically.

2.54: Anwar asks why should MPs be stupid and continue to debate wrong figures?

2.52: Anwar says that why waste the Dewan Rakyat's time by discussing history? All the figures in Budget 2009 have changed!

2.51: Anwar stands up and continues the campaign of his comrades. He quotes standing order stating that the speaker DOES NOT have a right to disallow such a motion.

2.50: Speaker says that standing order is too general. He shuts down all debate quoting the standing order that gives prerogative to the speaker. He calls Anwar to continue his speech.

2.49: Subang MP responds saying that the speaker has to follow the standing orders too. The standing orders give the RIGHT to MPs to file such a motion.

2.49: Speaker refuses to suspend the session.

2.47: Speaker responding

2.46: Azmin continues saying he is not appealing for the session to be suspended for the whole day, but a few hours so that Bank Negara officials and the finance ministry can come to parliament.

2.45: Gombak MP Azmin stands up again and repeats it is the RIGHT NOT THE PEROGATIVE of the speaker.

2.44: It looks like there are more opposition MPs than BN MPs in the Dewan right now. They will win such a motion.

2.44: Seputeh MP Teresa Kok also cites standing orders. She says its not the perogative of the speaker, but it is the RIGHT of MPs to file such a motion.

2.43: More and more opposition MPs are standing up waving the standing orders.

2.42: Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan stands up citing standing orders also. She says that the standing orders give MPs a RIGHT to file this motion.

2.41: Subang MP counters by saying the standing orders do not put a time limit for the filing of a motion to suspend debate.

2.40: The speaker shoots it down. He says that if MPs want to file motion they have to file it at the second reading of the budget.

2.39: Ipoh Barat MP Kulasegaran also stands up citing standing orders. Subang MP continues by saying that it is not the perogative but the duty of the speaker to allow the motion to suspend debate to be filed.

2.38: Shot down by the speaker, he now appeals for a motion to suspend the session. Gombak MP Azmin Ali also stands up with more standing orders. It looks like the opposition MPs have read the standing orders very carefully during the break.

2.37: Subang is saying that the standing orders allows the speaker to suspend the session if a crucial member is not present. He argues that because the Finance Minister is not at a Budget debate, the session should be suspended.

2.36: Subang is using the standing orders to pressure the speaker to suspend today's session.

2.33: Subang MP is appealing to suspend today's session and allow Najib the finance minister to come and respond tomorrow.

2.33: Subang MP speaking

2.30: Parliament session resumes.

1.13: Parliament breaks for lunch. Live blogging will resume at 2.30pm. See you there!

1.11: The Malaysiakini report:

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today called upon Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak to table a new budget following the ongoing global financial crisis.

The PKR leader said members of parliament cannot debate an "outdated budget" which was presented more than a month ago.

The budget was presented on Aug 29 by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was also the finance minister then.

He had then subsequently given the finance portfolio to Najib, who is also the deputy prime minister.

Last week, Abdullah also said that he would be stepping down next March to allow Najib to take over.

Anwar's budget speech today was his first as an opposition leader. He was also a former finance minister before his sacking from the government in 1998.

1.09: Anwar repeats call for a new Budget to be drawn up.

1.05: Anwar agrees. If the Budget 2009 is not revised, more Malaysians will be unemployed!

1.03 Kuala Langat PKR MP stands up for a question. He says that if the budget 2009 is not changed, our economy will take a very big hit! SAYA TAKUT, MANGSANYA PEKERJA PEKERJA! he shouts passionately.

1.02: He says that when he was the finance minister he sat through the WHOLE BUDGET DEBATE

1.01: Anwar calls it the sheer arrogance of power!

1pm: Anwar supports Kit Siang. It is a DISGRACE that there are no frontbenchers in the parliament during a time of financial crisis!

12.59: He says everyone should CONDEMN THE FRONTBENCHERS for such a disgrace!

12.57: He says he wants the representative from the CABINET and not the BACKBENCHERS. He said there is NO ONE FROM THE FRONTBENCH OR THE CABINET. He says that it is the GREATEST SHAME IN THIS PARLIAMENT!

12.56: This shows that the BN is disrespecting the parliament. WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT? he shouts. He calls it a HEADLESS ADMINISTRATION.


12.55: Anwar says that there is till some hope for the Malaysian economy. We will not face a recession like Singapore

12.53: Indera Makota MP is talking about the ringgit exchange rate.

12.51: Question from Indera Makota MP

12.49: Anwar is pushing very hard for a new budget to be drawn up.

12.46: Anwar says that spiraling oil prices are just one of the many examples. Palm Oil prices are going down. The Penang industrial zones are now unprofitable. Etc etc. Anwar says why can't we draw up a new budget because the numbers have changed so much over the month?

12.44: Machang MP stands up and says that oil prices are now only 70 dollars per barrel. Due to the spiraling oil prices, shouldn't the oil prices be adjusted, and shouldn't we address our deficit (Malaysia exports oil, so if oil prices go down we lose)?

12.43: Anwar appeals for help from BN MPs. He says that if BN MPs have any ideas, stand up and tell him!

12.42: Anwar says he is rayu-ing to the speaker to order a new budget and suspend parliament. I think he is going to go for a motion to suspend the day next.

12.40: Kit Siang stands up in support: He raises 3 points: 1. He knows that the speaker has no provision to suspend the session, but the British parliament suspended for 6 months because of a financial crisis, and a new budget was written. 2. Because there is a change in the post of finance minister, a new budget should be announced. 3. He says that we have to change with the changing situation. We shouldn't debate history, because the numbers have changed a lot since the financial crisis.

12.39: Finally I get it. Anwar is saying that all the figures in Budget 2009 is WRONG because of the financial crisis. He wants the speaker to order the figures in the budget to be changed or in the alternative, order a new budget, as the figures are wrong.

12.37: Anwar says he is not asking to stop the session. He says that he wants the speaker to clarify to the Dewan Rakyat (about something, I couldn't really get it). Anwar says that he supports the speaker's decision.

12.36: The speaker says that the Westminister tradition has no clause to suspend the day's agenda.

12.36: Anwar asks permission to suspend debate again

12.32 Anwar says that the Scorpion submarines purchase (the one that involved Altantuyah) is another one of those delayed projects. Where has the money went? (I am not so sure on this, I didn't catch the details - too excited at Altantuyah's mention)

12.32 The Altantuyah has been invoked.

12.30: Kit Siang stands up to support Anwar. Kit Siang says that that is only the tip of the iceberg. The letter showed a scaled down figure. The actualy figure was many times that! I am shocked! 500 million ringgit as comission for a 2 billion purchase!

12.26: Anwar produces a letter. He said he has repeatedly checked the authenticity of the letter. The letter is about the produce of helicopters. The letter says: The helicopter purchase was suddenly brought forward. It was brought forward to 2 days BEFORE the porforlio changeover between Badawi and Najib. It was bough for 2.13 billion ringgit. 0.5 billion ringgit was comission! But thats not all. 1.52 billion WAS OFFERED BY ANOTHER COMPANY! WHY THE HIGHER PRICE WAS CHOSEN? Anwar asks: Is it because the higher price has higher commision?

12.25: Anwar says that he wants someone to be responsible. Who is the agent responsible for losing so much money for the Malaysians?

12.24: Example after example are being raised by Anwar. I feel nauseous. How much money has been lost because of the corruption and nepotism of the BN government?

12.23: 1.2 billion ringgit has gone somewhere. To where? To someones pocket. In 2007 October, Tun Daim Zainuddin sold the shares (Bank Indonesia) he bought for the Malaysian economy earlier. What was bought for 8 billion is sold for 4.7 billion. How can this be justified?

12.20: Maybank bought 60% of shares from Bank Indonesia at 5 times its value. In 2000 Temasek Holding bought a bank at 3X its value. Why is the government wasting this money? Anwar says that he is very sure that there is an ultirior motive. Someone has pocketed some money somewhere.

12.19: Anwar says he pities BN members from Sabah Sarawak MIC MCA because they are forced to tolerate the nonsense from UMNO.

12.18: Anwar says that while people are starving and poor, megaprojects are still being built.

12.17: Anwar attacks the megaprojects that have not been researched. Hi speed broadband, he quotes an example. He says it is very inefficient, and nonsensical.

12.17: After ripping Batu Pahat to shreds he continues his speech.

12.16: Anwar says: Now I am in Parliament. Now I am in Parliament and you can call me things in front of my face. Don't hide and call me names behind my back.

12.15: Batu Pahat stands up again to interrupt but speaker asks him to stand down.

12.15: "What university is Batu Pahat from?" Anwar asks.

12.14: Anwar wittily asks Batu Pahat to use facts and figures. Batu Pahat appears to be incensed.

12.14: BN MP was from Batu Pahat.

12.12: Interruption from BN MP. Anwar says if you want to interrupt stand up. Don't just shout across the room.

12.10: Passionate reply from Anwar. Anwar is asking why Najib, the Finance Minister is not debating the motion!

12.10: PAS MP from Kubang Kerian not making his speech. He is asking a question. He is asking Anwar what his view is on this crisis.

12.09: Anwar finishes his speech and sits down. MP from Kubang Kerian speaking now. Not sure whether this is a substantive speech. I thought Guan Eng was scheduled for second speaker.

12.08 Anwar asks the speaker whether he wants him to continue. He asks whether we should discuss history or discuss a solution. Speaker asks him to continue lah. Dewan laughs.

12.07: ANWAR IS APPEARING TO APPEAL TO SUSPEND DEBATE. Not sure though, I will find out more.

12.05pm: Still on our nation's deficit. Anwar is painting a pretty gruesome and horrifying picture of the Malaysian economy.

12.02pm: Anwar says that the FDI (foreign direct investment) funds outflow is going to affect the Malaysian economy. This is true. Malaysia's FDI outflow last year exceeded inflow.

11.59: Attacks Malaysia's over reliance on American exports.

11.58: Anwar attacks excessive spending in the government.

11.57: For your convenience I have set the auto refresh rate of the blog to one refresh every 30 seconds.

11.55: Anwar attacks the oil prices. He says that 'even a standard 6 student can see that'.

11.54: Kepong MP Seng Giaw stands up to support Anwar. Rebuffed by the speaker.

11.49: YB Kit Siang stands up and supports Anwar. He says that BN is doing 'creative destruction' to the Malaysian community. This is evident from the sending of MPs to Taiwan

11.49am: Anwar talking about the destruction BN is creating amongst the Malaysian community.

11.47am: Anwar speaking