Rakyat Sarawak : Undi Pakatan Rakyat

Rakyat Sarawak : Undi Pakatan Rakyat

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

malaysiakini ~ Harga Minyak Terus Menjunam

SINGAPURA: Harga minyak menjuman kepada AS$59 setong di pasaran Asia hari ini, paras terendah dalam tempoh 20 bulan berikutan prospek kelembaban ekonomi yang berlanjutan hingga tahun depan.

Harga minyak 'Light, sweet crude' pada Disember menurun 31 sen kepada AS$59.02 setong, dengan kadar terendah sehingga AS$58.55 setong dalam dagangan New York Mercantile Exchange, di Singapura pada pertengahan sesi dagangan hari ini. - AP

SINGAPORE (AFP) – World oil prices eased further below 60 dollars in Asian trade Wednesday after Britain and the EU called for joint action to hold off recession threatening leading economies, analysts said.

New York's main contract, light sweet crude for December delivery, fell 38 cents to 58.95 dollars a barrel. The drop added to the fall of 3.08 dollars on the New York Mercantile Exchange Tuesday, when the contract closed at 59.33 dollars.

Earlier, the New York futures contract hit a low of 58.32 dollars, a level last seen on March 21, 2007.

Brent North Sea crude for delivery in December dropped a further 11 cents to 55.60 dollars a barrel after falling 3.37 dollars to 55.71 dollars in London on Tuesday.

In intraday trade the Brent contract had plunged to 54.92 dollars. It had not been so low since January 30, 2007.

Prices have shed about 60 percent since scaling historic highs above 147 dollars in July on mounting evidence of slowing global economic growth and energy demand.

"I think the economic situation, not only in the US but also in Europe, is quite bad and still needs time to rebound," said Ken Hasegawa, manager of the energy desk at Newedge Japan brokerage in Tokyo.

While the world fights a global credit crunch, he said the overall trend in oil prices is lower.

"A lot of people are thinking they want to buy if the market is below 50" dollars a barrel, Hasegawa said.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a coordinated global "fiscal stimulus" while reports said his government would soon announce tax cuts to boost the economy, which is on the verge of recession.

In Brussels, European Union Economic Affairs head Joaquin Almunia also called for joint action, while five German government economic advisers forecast that their economy, Europe's biggest, will not grow at all next year.

"The short-term focus continues to be on weak demand," Barclays Capital analysts wrote in a research note to clients.

In the United States, stocks fell further Tuesday on fears of a collapse of automotive giant General Motors, and troubling corporate news, analysts said.


turun sehingga USD 10 pun tak guna... si atuk sudah bercakap harga minyak tidak akan kurang daripada RM1.92. kononnya ia akan menjejaskan keuntungan stesen minyak. betapa prihatin si atuk.

walaupun kenyataan si atuk bahawa harga minyak akan turun kepada RM1.92 apabila harga minyak mentah turun kepada USD 72 masih berbunyi di telinga.

no shame, si atuk.